About EMS

What is EMS Publishers? What does EMS stand for?

The Engineering Medicine and Life Science (EMS) is a pioneer organization in publication, accelerate progress in the field of engineering, science and medicine by publishing innovative research manuscripts in scientific community. We always strive to bring global researchers together and to share their work in advancement of science & technology and to benefit society as a whole.

EMS formed to serve the interests of researchers and the general public good. We follow Open Access; openness inspires how we think about science and publishing and as a result open data sharing, transparency in peer review and an open community approach to science assessment.

With precise reporting and peer review, EMS journals are highly respected and influential in all areas of science & technology. We work closely with many international Academic and Industrial scholars who are experts in their respective fields and communities to provide authors with an efficient, fair and thorough review process. We gives work the widest possible audience by making it immediately and freely available to anyone, anywhere in the planet.

Open Access is a publishing model that provides immediate, worldwide, barrier-free access to the full text of research articles without requiring a subscription to the journal in which these articles are published.

Editor FAQ's

Who are EB Members/Advisors?

EB Members/Advisors are Professors, Assistants, Associates, Scientists & Doctors, who have volunteered to provide feedback to authors, serve the Journal and help in improving the Journal standards. They remain the backbone for the Journal reputation and growth.

1. Support and be aware of research into peer review and re-evaluate journal processes in the light of new researches 2. Organize fair and timely Peer review process by incorporating valuable inputs from the responsible Editors and Reviewers. 3. Taking part actively by providing novelistic ideas and suggestions for the improvement of standards of the Journal. 4. Sourcing, reviewing and providing appropriate content for the journal, which reflects leading international research and the latest thinking in the subject area 5. Review relevant papers and write for the journal (editorial, special issues, editorial section) advice on hot topics and future strategy of the journal. Promote the journal to their networks and at conferences.

Yes. But we suggest you to provide supporting statements so that we need to inform to the author.

You may advertise in the conferences you attend and also suggest your University staff or students to contribute in the Journal.

If the research interest matches the other Journal, we are pleased to accept you as EB member.

*Note: One person cannot serve more than two EMS Journals.

It would be our pleasure to have you in our Board Members. Kindly contact editor@emspublishers.org. Our Editorial team will contact you for more details.

Kindly contact Journal email ID or info@emspublishers.org. Editorial office or the respective Journal Managing Editor will respond you immediately.

Reviewer FAQ's

What is the eligibility do I need to review a manuscript?

The reviewers are assigned by the Editors as per the research matching to the topic field of manuscript. Self registered peer reviewers must be having a few published papers in the field of interest they mentioned.

Providing unbiased comments as it adds the quality to the manuscript; punctuality and providing comments within the time factor allotted are the primary role of the Reviewers.

Neither the reviewer's details are revealed to the authors nor are the author details disclosed to the reviewers. Both remain anonymous to each other.

Reviewers must not use or disclose any of the author results. It is against the Ethical policy.

For more details on the Review processing, please visit http://emspublishers.org/ems/guidelines-reviewer

The journal performs peer blind review, which also has an efficient peer review and production process to facilitate rapid publication.

Yes. We provide 7 days for submitting your valuable comments.

Please submit your review comments in the mentioned form and send us to respective email ID from which you have had received the Manuscript to review.

No. You may review as many manuscripts you wish to; concerned the manuscript topic matches your interest.

Please contact info@emspublishers.org and the Editorial office will respond you soon to add you into the peer review team.

Please submit your review comments in the mentioned form and send us to respective email ID from which you have had received the Manuscript to reviewWe provide reasonable discounts for our Reviewers. Contact info@emspublishers.org for more details during your submission.

Author FAQ's

What fully Open Access Journals are available in your Publishing group?

Please visit the mentioned link http://www.EMSpubblishers.org/ems/journals to view the list of Journals that are available with us.

Papers can be submitted directly to the email : submissions@emspublishers.org. For more details on Manuscript formatting you can refer the mentioned link http://emspublishers.org/ems/guidelines-author

EMS publish majorly 7 kinds of article type's namely:

Original submissions as Research Articles, Review Articles, Mini Review, Case Reports, Short communication, clinical Image and Perspectives.

Author will receive the confirmation letter of his/her submission within 48 hours. For further queries, you can directly mail us to the respective Journal email ID or info@emspublishers.org

EMS journals publish open access articles under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits use, distribution and reproducing authority in any medium, once the original work is cited properly

You must order at least 100 copies or more. Orders will be processed in 10- 12 business days after the final printing with a fee.

The final proof would be sent to the author before publication to avoid further author corrections. We publish the paper within 7working days.

Kindly contact info@emspublishers.org and send your latest profile and photograph.

Yes, we provide reasonable discounts on more than two submissions.

Publication Fees & Fee Assistance

What is Article Processing Charge?

EMS Journal articles are Open Access means articles are freely available on our website to read, distribute and reuse. To offset costs associated with peer review management, journal production and online hosting and archiving, We charges a publication fee.

Article Processing Charges vary by journal and are payable for articles upon acceptance

If you received an invoice from EMS journals, you can pay it on https://www.paypal.me/EMSPUBLISHERSLLC